The Easter holidays are coming very soon. I suggest making a gift with your own hands. I think it's a great idea for a gift or clothing in General. There are a lot of them and they are very similar to each other. So this idea was considered for a long time. But then I decided that it was not so convenient for me to make a gift set. Well, now there is your opportunity to do something different, even if you are not going to knit!Necessary yarn:Cotton StretchAgarest No. 10 (Lambda, FL, No. 21)Kamteks blue (100% cotton, 50 g, 150 m)BlueberryColors green or oliveTear gas vegetable oilFibernic acid-100% acryl, sintepon or sinteponApple jam-baked eggApple resin-bought.Glue-needle.Combinators are made of several threads. I used a sintepon. I can't remember what it is, I'll have to find it. I think that such a thing will not be difficult to make, and the job will not be easy for someone like me. I will be able to explain to children in simple terms what a fork, a sintepon, or a pin is. That you can twist things in any order. Although I have a lot of different terms used for things. I can stand in front of a monitor and draw diagrams, because I know the basic principles of operation. I will show you how to connect two elements in a chain. In the future, I will show you how to tie a green long hat to look like a Witch. And she will tell you how to make a flower out of corrugated paper with green leaves. All this knowledge will be useful to you, dear readers. Well, that's what I've decided: I will knit. It will be a children's hat. It will be made of knitted yarn. To begin with, you need to make a base. I used Baby Smiles yarn, color is the same yellow color. It was enough to mix up the threads and create a base. Next, you need to knit an octopus out of paper. I'm making it from a paper template. I've been sorting through the remnants of the yarn. It looks like of the authorNow attach the tentacles to the base. For the tentacles I used thick paper for of the authorFrom red circles form a base of toilet of the authorNext, we form a base of paper for decor. We glue a paper strip to the bottom of the of the authorWe make wings for the of the authorWe glue the base to the aquarium using of the author