The festive mood from what is believed to be turkeys can be shattered, at least for the fans of traditional gifts. A post on the MyPics page with gifts for the New year has been registered. Here are some interesting gifts for your taste that you can make with your own hands with your own hands:* Christmas toys-sticks for playing with a hook;* sticks for lollipops;* toys for holding hands;* bags of sweets;* Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree;* Christmas toys-potions;*snow;*small gifts for those who are terribly hungry;* rings for keys;* Christmas balls.Here are the toys that I can give you, dear readers. Moms and dads, if you have time, maybe make them a surprise this year and make them even more happy!1 of 6scroll through the galleryFunny holidays and pleasant gifts for the New year:1 of 8ABC on December 23 with a crossThe theme of December 23 will not surprise us, at all. The cosmonaut's birthday is coming up, and he is very tired of the monotonous world of December. So the question arose as to what kind of gift will be most suitable for this holiday. And I think that the most appropriate one will be a cross with a cross pattern. This is a traditional kind of sweets. We will definitely make such a gift to our colleague or friend colleague in the office colleague, if you will be visiting with him recently. Here is a selection for youings such an interesting blouse for your colleague or friend. You can choose any design, the main thing is not to disappoint the customer. In the end, I think, the idea turned out great. And the blouse turned out to be very warm. It is very fashionable to wear.1 of 6swipe right through the application of an application of sweetsTo be honest, I was surprised by such a design of sweets. It was the most common one in the lessons. I think that such a gift would not be easy to make, even for a novice baker. The thread is thinned and twisted and inserted in the square. It is this kind of work, the main one for me. It is through such an individual skill is displayed that such a gift is earned. Of course, I would not give such sweets in the office. Do you, dear readers, prefer such a gift to make? Take a photo of the gift and share it with your friends. Such a gift will not be easy for everyone, but it is certain that the baker will be happy to it is created!